"My Randy Fisher Divorce Mediator was professional and understanding to my needs. I would recommend them to any one of my friends who are going through the divorce process."

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About Randy L. Fisher

Mr. Fisher is highly experienced as a family mediator, therapist, consultant and trainer of divorce mediation, truancy mediation, and conflict resolution and issues of cultural diversity. He has developed innovative mediation and problem solving techniques that he currently employs in his practice and trainings. He has particular expertise and skill working with children, parents and high conflict cases.


“I choose to be a mediator in private practice because I believe in the mediation process and have the benefit of working directly with people. I believe one should be in charge of his/her own destiny rather than have other people make decisions that can impact one’s life indefinitely.”


Mr. Fisher has conducted mediation sessions over twenty years, and has mediated more than 2000 cases. More than 1000 of those cases have been multi-party mediation, which have included parents, attorneys, representatives from a school or agency, special advocates, relatives and, at times and only when appropriate, the child or children. Mr. Fisher also conducts truancy mediations and is knowledgeable of the Individuals with Disability Education Act (IDEA) from working with special education teachers and parents regarding issues related to Individual Education Plans (IEP’s).


“I believe that the goal of mediation is to foster open and honest communication while working to reach a mutually acceptable agreement while ensuring a safe environment in which to hold discussion. I strive to help people show respect and accepting of different ways of thinking while in disagreement.”


As a mediator and licensed independent social worker, Mr. Fisher regularly conducts mediation and therapy sessions at various locations throughout the central Ohio region, including Franklin, Delaware, and Pickaway Counties.  

Upon request, Mr. Fisher also travels across Ohio and to other parts of the country for mediation  services and training.


“’Growth begins when we start to accept our own weakness.’ This quote by Jean Vanier, an advocate for adults and children with developmental disabilities, is one that I always remember as I work is with children and their families.”


“In my spare time I also enjoy directing a choir and playing the organ at a local church, volunteering for the Bassett Hound Rescue and jogging, having completed a marathon in San Diego, California.”


Randy L. Fisher received his Bachelor in Education from the University of Akron and Master of Science in Social Administration - with an emphasis in Family and Child - from Case Western University, Cleveland, Ohio.