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Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a process whereby divorcing couples come together with the expectation of resolving the issues they have between them with the help of a mediator who is a neutral third party. The parties make the decisions without being told how by the Court. Examples of divorce issues may include child custody, parent time, child support, spousal support, division of assets and division of liabilities (debts) and division of the property and household goods.

Unlike a judge, mediators do not make decisions on the disputed divorce issues.  Instead, mediators help the divorcing spouses to come to decisions that satisfy both parties. Since the spouses make decisions together, they are more satisfied with the outcome then if they were to go to trial. 

In the case of parents getting divorced, mediation gives parents a way to resolve the issues by working together. Even though the marital relationship may end, you will be a parent forever. If the marriage did not work, then the divorce has to work for the sake of the children for they love you both. We look to redefine the relationship and not to destroy a relationship by placing blame, fact-finding or fault-finding as in an adversarial divorce or litigation. No matter what someone might tell you, it will be you and the other parent working together to raise and parent your children, not the divorce attorney, judge or magistrate.

Divorce Parenting Class

In order to obtain a divorce or dissolution with children in Ohio, both parents are required to attend a divorce parenting class. The goal of the class is not to teach you how to be a parent, for you already know how to do that. The goal is to teach you how to communicate and work effectively with the other parent following the divorce process. We provide the class for individuals or couples for a moderate fee and we will work with your busy schedule to schedule the class and offer one that is unique to your family unit and the ages of your children. You will receive a certificate upon completion of the class and a copy will be filed with the clerk of courts at no additional cost to you. Contact our office at 614.459.2896 for additional details and to schedule your class.

Child Support Calculation

In order to obtain a divorce of dissolution with children, a child support worksheet must be completed even if the parents agree not to have an exchange child support. Our office is able to calculate the most current child support worksheet as required by the state of Ohio to help parents determine the best way to manage child support. It is understood that both parents are obligated to support his or her child and having access to this information helps parents to make an informed decision as to how to come up with a support number that will work for both of them. Financial information will be required from both parties in order to accurately to complete the form. The form will be calculated using a computer approved by the child support enforcement agency.